To The Moon and Back

While I was alive at the time, I proved too young to have any real memories of the first moon landing in July, 1969, when Neil Armstrong first planted his foot on Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor on NASA’s famed Apollo 11 mission. My first space-oriented memories are shunted a little later down the road, with the last moon landings in 1972, followed by the Skylab … Continue reading To The Moon and Back

Taking it To The Street (Taco)

Maybe it’s just me, but my experiences with the old school, traditional Mexican Taco Truck can be summed up thus: I’ve never had a bad meal with a long-established traditional taco truck Even an average meal at a taco truck rates as a satisfying meal As time has marched forward since my move to Ohio, I’ve collected a lot of photos and notes on a … Continue reading Taking it To The Street (Taco)

A Skillet and a Paper, No More

The final print edition of Columbus Alive, which recently announced its online-only status like an increasing number of publications around the country The July 3rd edition of Columbus Alive marked a significant and increasingly unsurprising development in the publication’s history. The newsprint version of this weekly, which has history dating at least to the 1990s and most likely into the 1980s (see below), will go … Continue reading A Skillet and a Paper, No More

I Got Six: Pennsylvania Travels Wrap-Up

Our travels through Pennsylvania were covered extensively through the last three posts, but I’ve always ended our series with some places that didn’t conveniently fit the flow of my write ups, but are definitely worth a mention in some manner. Because of the flow of those posts, I wanted to include more detailed contact information for the places we’ve visited during our travels, like I … Continue reading I Got Six: Pennsylvania Travels Wrap-Up