A Bridge Too Far?

The headline in the October 18, 1989 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle went right to the point about the previous day’s events Anniversaries are funny things.  I don’t think about this one much nowadays, but postings on social media and news outlets reminded me that we had reached the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake.  Centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the … Continue reading A Bridge Too Far?

To The Moon and Back

While I was alive at the time, I proved too young to have any real memories of the first moon landing in July, 1969, when Neil Armstrong first planted his foot on Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor on NASA’s famed Apollo 11 mission. My first space-oriented memories are shunted a little later down the road, with the last moon landings in 1972, followed by the Skylab … Continue reading To The Moon and Back