A Ratatouille Moment: Keki’s Cafe (Fremont, OH)

In the Disney/Pixar movie “Ratatouille”, a pivotal moment to the movie’s conclusion plays out when the jaded food critic, Anton Ego, is served what is considered a peasant dish (ratatouille, the movie title) in ostensibly a fine-dining restaurant. Upon his first bite, Ego is transported back to childhood when times weren’t so jaded and a home-cooked meal brought comfort very few other things can. Well, … Continue reading A Ratatouille Moment: Keki’s Cafe (Fremont, OH)

Critical Rice Rhythms – Breakfast is Served

During the initial weird months after the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, I had resorted to food-themed music lists as a way to keep my food and music interests (I had plenty of time to explore music working from home exclusively) going in a novel way.

I realized in looking back at my blog that I hadn’t done this in awhile. Also, I realized that the old name (the 614ortyplatter, a nod to my former blog) wouldn’t make sense.

Thus, with a slight name change, why not re-up a way that was a fun way to discover both some food knowledge and some new music to me. And I couldn’t think of a better topic with a return to the beginning of sorts, nodding to favorite meal of the day for my spouse and me in breakfast.

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Exploring Egg-Free Breakfasts in Columbus (Guest Blogpost)

Pattycake Bakery’s Sticky Buns are but one of many delicious egg-free options available for the diner (Note: This is a guest blog post from my favorite dining partner in the whole world Kris – you can catch what she posts on her Instagram account @aimless_rambling) During the summer of 2020, I discovered that I was allergic to eggs.  I had experienced symptoms of itching and … Continue reading Exploring Egg-Free Breakfasts in Columbus (Guest Blogpost)

Loafing Around Encouraged: The Whitney House

The humble meatloaf has graced numerous household dinner tables around the world in one form or another Many dishes come to mind when it comes to American classics: hamburgers, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, and so forth. Often times, these dishes are adaptations or variants on more traditional dishes, like American spaghetti or Tex-Mex creations like Fajitas or Chile con Carne. A dish that in … Continue reading Loafing Around Encouraged: The Whitney House