Just Scratching The Surface: Toronto Pt. 2

“I have to come and see youmaybe once or twice a yearI think nothing would suit me betterthan some downtown atmosphereIn the dance halls and the galleriesOr betting in the OTBSynchronized like magicGood friends you and me” “GOOD FRIENDS” – Joni Mitchell When doing research for our trip, I found quite a few helpful resources, including the BlogTO YouTube channel and website itself. Their site … Continue reading Just Scratching The Surface: Toronto Pt. 2

Flipping On the Flip-side

A confession: up until relatively recently, I wasn’t interested much into learning my ancestry.

After all, I was born here in America, not the Philippines, and I bought into whole American melting pot ideal I saw happily sung on those Schoolhouse Rock segments. Yes, I did hope native Filipinos did well in international competitions (the 1992 Zamboanga City Little League World Series Championship and resultant scandal was particularly disappointing) and similar, but I wouldn’t be one who would betray my country of origin, my country of citizenship.

Then, there was a progression of things. A presidential election in 2016 and a distinctly growing atmosphere of anti-immigrant and anti-perceived-to-be-immigrant sentiment that is in reality not all that new. Tensions only grew when COVID hit, with a number of politicians happily going along with the blame game. Finally, it hit home for me in a personal way, when some enlightened soul told me that I needed to go back to China.

I took a long deep hard look at myself in the mirror shortly after that. Unless I wanted to go the Michael Jackson route re: lose my skin color and had crap tons of cosmetic surgery, a certain segment of my country’s population was never going to accept me as American. I figured shortly thereafter that was a good a time to dig in more deeply and explore my roots.

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Anatomy of a Recipe: Ginataang Halo Halo

I yam what I yam – everything tuber at Columbus’s Saraga International Market on Morse Road Any typical Christmas, we would be in California with my relatives enjoying a number of treats, most of them of Filipino origin.  With the pandemic short-circuiting travel plans, we spent our first holiday together back here in the Buckeye State, where we figured we might as well use the … Continue reading Anatomy of a Recipe: Ginataang Halo Halo

What’s Been Good: 10/19/2020

Lazy Sunday…or Pandemic weekday? The past few months have made it tough to tell Hi there – you miss me? Most likely, probably not – my Instagram feed has been going pretty strongly, and the blog…well, when the turmoil that has marked 2020 washed through, I admit I didn’t feel much like writing. There’s a lot to say about the year that has been, and … Continue reading What’s Been Good: 10/19/2020