Could it be…Seitan?

The tasty Seitan Shawarma from Pittsburgh’s B52 Cafe For all the hype meat substitute like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat have received in the past few years, perhaps the most original of O.G. meat-substitutes, seitan, has been creeping into more menus as well. Essentially wheat gluten, this has been used in Asian countries in cooking for centuries, though the word itself dates back only … Continue reading Could it be…Seitan?

I Got Six: Pennsylvania Travels Wrap-Up

Our travels through Pennsylvania were covered extensively through the last three posts, but I’ve always ended our series with some places that didn’t conveniently fit the flow of my write ups, but are definitely worth a mention in some manner. Because of the flow of those posts, I wanted to include more detailed contact information for the places we’ve visited during our travels, like I … Continue reading I Got Six: Pennsylvania Travels Wrap-Up

Three Days in the Land of Three Rivers

The Point State Park Fountain, located at the confluence of rivers that gave Pittsburgh’s former Three Rivers Stadium its name. Heinz Field, current home of the NFL’s Steelers, lies across the Allegheny River in the background Pittsburgh, like many Midwest cities, finds itself in the long-term quest of reinventing itself A city traditionally known for its bustling steel industry and a blue-collar reputation, Pittsburgh has … Continue reading Three Days in the Land of Three Rivers