Brimful of Dishes on the Northwest Side

The regional cuisines of India were, through circumstance, not something I explored a lot while living in the Bay Area. That changed for the better when I moved to Central Ohio, where the dishes of the numerous Indian restaurants here have quickly become favorites for me and my spouse. For the most part, the Indian restaurants here, from basic curry joints to more fancy establishments … Continue reading Brimful of Dishes on the Northwest Side

Could it be…Seitan?

The tasty Seitan Shawarma from Pittsburgh’s B52 Cafe For all the hype meat substitute like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat have received in the past few years, perhaps the most original of O.G. meat-substitutes, seitan, has been creeping into more menus as well. Essentially wheat gluten, this has been used in Asian countries in cooking for centuries, though the word itself dates back only … Continue reading Could it be…Seitan?