Two Thousand Miles and Two and a Half Years Later

(This is the original post from The 614ortyNiner Blog started more than 7 years before its evolution into Critical Rice Theory.  If nothing else, it gives you an idea of what the original idea was at the time, but as alluded to in this blog’s introduction post, the thrust behind the original blog no longer exists.)

This blog was nearly started two and one-half years ago.  And truth be told, that would have been too soon.

Previously, my experiences with Central Ohio had been in 3-7 day increments every 6-8 weeks apart starting in the summer of 2010, with a couple of visits before that to participate in running races with some online friends I had met through an online running forum.  Essentially, all my experiences with Ohio had been as a visitor.  My home was in California, as it had been for the 30+ years before.

When I moved out here with my now Mrs. 614orty-Niner end of 2011 from the left coast, I still had the visitor mentality in my mind.  But the reality was, barring something drastic, Central Ohio was going to be my home for the foreseeable future.

At that time, I had played with the idea of a blog, with the general theme of California-raised dude learning about what Ohio had to offer and writing about it as he experienced it.  But when I thought hard about it, I realized I would be writing with the visitor mentality.

I felt I like I needed at least one year to observe my new home, to absorb the new environs, and then process the experience through my mainly California-centric filtered-brain.

Well, it’s been more than a year, and now I feel the need to write.  The quick summary is I’ve enjoyed my time here, and have been really pleased by what Central Ohio has had to offer.

The longer story is to be written in the following blog posts.

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