A Little Introduction

A refresh of a slightly shopworn model Howdy! If you are reading this, most likely you are familiar with my former blog as The 614ortyNiner. And even if you aren’t, the introduction applies equally in this case. I moved to Ohio from California early in the 2010s. As you may have figured out from my previous blog name, there was an underlying theme of my … Continue reading A Little Introduction

A Hole-y Unlikely Tale: The Donut King

Little did I know it at the time, but this Ube Ice Cream filled donut from The Parlor Ice Cream in Sacramento, CA, was just the tip of the iceberg of a fascinating tale As I was watching the 2020 documentary movie “The Donut King” (which I streamed recently on Hulu), I realized I had already experienced a bit of the latter half of the … Continue reading A Hole-y Unlikely Tale: The Donut King

The 614ortyPlatter – The Food Encyclopedia (A through M)

More often than not, the genuine article taco trucks, like Taqueria Las Costeñas on Columbus’s West Sidehave the more adventurous proteins like lengua available Maybe I’m betraying my nerdy youth with this admission, but I still get a thrill when I see a set of old-school encyclopedias in a thrift shop.  Before the Atari 2600 and video games entered my life with a bang, perhaps my … Continue reading The 614ortyPlatter – The Food Encyclopedia (A through M)

The 614ortyPlatter – 14-Course Tasting Menu

A divine soup, such as this Sopa de Tomatillo from GermanVillage’s Barcelona Restaurant, is a tasting menu staple One thing pandemic more or less eliminated was the primo tasting menu experience.  We personally don’t indulge much in the extravagant side of the dining ledger, but we must say that one of our most memorable meals was the tasting menu of Veritas Restaurant, which was then in … Continue reading The 614ortyPlatter – 14-Course Tasting Menu