A Little Introduction

A refresh of a slightly shopworn model

Howdy! If you are reading this, most likely you are familiar with my former blog as The 614ortyNiner. And even if you aren’t, the introduction applies equally in this case.

I moved to Ohio from California early in the 2010s. As you may have figured out from my previous blog name, there was an underlying theme of my California roots (some three decades worth, prior to my move) and what was a part of the country I was generally unfamiliar with in Ohio. For the first several years, the blog was fairly straightforward, with a majority focus on comparing my Ohio experiences in the food world with those I’ve had in California, with a second layer of restaurant reviews, topped with a frosting spread of travel experiences, and finished with a sprinkling of posts on random music and other pop culture topics.

Now that I’ve lived a decade inside the Buckeye state, that original focus is pretty much broken. While food has remained my general focus, the California viewpoint fades further and further away (I feel pretty much like a tourist on every visit now), restaurant reviews have moved to my Instagram account, and I’ve turned to writing to a wider variety of things.

So thus, the evolution of the blog into Critical Rice Theory, a play on a term that is causing a lot of (faux) outrage today. And unlike that other CRT, this version of CRT promises to stay delicious.

Food will remain the focus, but you’ll find plenty of musings on the topics of the day, with a good dose of music, and some other special culinary excursions that I have in the works (stay tuned.)

I’ve imported select posts from my previous blog here, including my very first one (to give you an idea of where this started) and starting in June 2019, so you can get a picture of where things were going before this transition. Obviously, they’ll stay on the original 614ortyniner blog until I figure that it’s time to shutter that completely.

So as the saying goes, onward and upward. Happy eating to all!

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