The Maine Event

“Yeah, here’s to allTo all this culture’s rules and your pretty thingsHow dirty, wild, blurry, juvenileWe ain’t got no time for what tomorrow bringsAnd the choir sings To all the lows and every highThe hellos and the goodbyesIn this moment, I could die with you” “Don’t Come Down” – The Maine We really explored only … Continue reading The Maine Event

Food vs. Funny

This post started off in one direction, and in the course of a day veered off into another. Initially, this was a post about how hot takes like Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten and his post about foods he hates annoy me so much. I have come across a few bad takes on food during … Continue reading Food vs. Funny

Science Still Can Be Fun

One of science’s greatest strengths is also, ironically enough, one of its weaknesses. Science essentially is humanity’s way to seek out the how and why of the world at large. Of course, when humans don’t know much about a certain process, theories (essentially a “best guess”) are given as to why it happens. Typically, further … Continue reading Science Still Can Be Fun

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

2020 would have seemed to be the worst time to enter the restaurant world, but that’s what Ben Kelley and a host of partners did when they opened Emmett’s Cafe in their edge-of-German-Village location in October. I admit I didn’t think much of it at first. There were plenty of more familiar favorites that needed … Continue reading Appearances Can Be Deceiving


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