What’s Been Good: 10/19/2020

Lazy Sunday…or Pandemic weekday? The past few months have made it tough to tell Hi there – you miss me? Most likely, probably not – my Instagram feed has been going pretty strongly, and the blog…well, when the turmoil that has marked 2020 washed through, I admit I didn’t feel much like writing. There’s a lot to say about the year that has been, and … Continue reading What’s Been Good: 10/19/2020

Could it be…Seitan?

The tasty Seitan Shawarma from Pittsburgh’s B52 Cafe For all the hype meat substitute like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat have received in the past few years, perhaps the most original of O.G. meat-substitutes, seitan, has been creeping into more menus as well. Essentially wheat gluten, this has been used in Asian countries in cooking for centuries, though the word itself dates back only … Continue reading Could it be…Seitan?

It’s Easy To Trace The Trucks of My Cheers (Summer 2019)

As mentioned in a previous blog post in the Autumn 2018, I have veered toward notable experiences with the area’s food trucks instead of comprehensiveness due to the sheer number of food trucks that roam Central Ohio these days. With that said, two of the three trucks featured here are well-established veterans of the scene which my spouse and I have had the chance to … Continue reading It’s Easy To Trace The Trucks of My Cheers (Summer 2019)