The 614ortyPlatter – Trending Upward

Sadly (or fortunately, depending on your point of view)Polish Ham did not make our first ever list of trending foods Not surprisingly, foods and beverages spike in popularity, seemingly from nowhere at times. Gourmet coffee cafes and micro-roasters are pretty ubiquitous nowadays, but that was hardly the case just a mere sixty years ago, when Alfred Peet opened up his namesake store in Berkeley, CA … Continue reading The 614ortyPlatter – Trending Upward

The 614ortyPlatter – Food Holiday Road

If you’re keenly interested in food, the modern day calendar has transformed into a source of inspiration.  Every month, and increasingly, more weeks and individual days, have been dedicated to enjoying some sort of food or beverage, from the familiar (National Pancake Day, on February 16) to the novel (National Coffee Milkshake Day, on July 26.) Even newer food trends have their days, from National … Continue reading The 614ortyPlatter – Food Holiday Road

The 614ortyPlatter – Supporting The Locals

  Take home food and cocktails, like this Fried Chicken and Fixingsfrom Ambrose & Eve, have been sources of joy for us this year Like many others, we have been disappointed that our travels have been severely curtailed by the COVID pandemic. One small silver lining in that, however, is that the normal money we would\’ve laid out during this time traveling for both the … Continue reading The 614ortyPlatter – Supporting The Locals